Soul Full with Sam

Is Reiki Evil? Energy Healing Deception, Finding the Truth

June 13, 2023 Sam Kalawart Episode 85
Soul Full with Sam
Is Reiki Evil? Energy Healing Deception, Finding the Truth
Show Notes

After recording THIS episode on Dangerous New Age Practices, I received several questions about why I no longer practice or recommend Reiki / Energy Healing. 

Disclaimer: This is my PERSONAL experience. We all have our own path, I'm simply sharing mine. Nor am I judging anyone that chooses the New Age, I have a healthy fear for it after it opened me up to a spiritual attack that I never want to experience again. 

In this  episode: 

  • I'm breaking down the true origins of Reiki
  • How it leaves you spiritually vulnerable
  • My experience with Reiki attunement & channeling "past loved ones"
  • How God showed me the truth of it all 

Stay tuned for a total rebrand of the Podcast!

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Remember that Church may be imperfect, people may be imperfect but GOD is not.

Do not let a bad taste of religion or church keep you separate from your creator. God is here to wrap his loving arms around you and carry you through this life!

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